large acrylic tube

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  • Product name: acrylic tube
  • Brand: kingsign
  • Raw material: 100% virgin of Mitsubishi
  • Process: cast
  • MOQ: 1 piece
  • Shipping port: Shanghai
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    Raw material: 100% virgin of Mitsubishi;

    Thickness: 30-110mm

    Length: 2000mm for stander , also can custom made;

    Color: Transparent(90% transparency);

    Product number: KS-large tube;

    Out Diameter: 1000-2000mm cast tube . Any other diameter request please contact us to check ;

    Quality:  customer use our tube pass the PVHO test .

    About us:

    “Over the years, the company has focused on the development of acrylic polymer products, the exploration and development of ACR products, and the development of acrylic super-thick (casting) processes, and has compiled process data from 20 mm to 300 mm in one shot to cope with market conditions. Meet the needs of different customers.

    After the company engaged in aquarium, swimming pool and landscape engineering, it independently developed acrylic adhesives, which were applied to plate bonding, super-thick plates and maintenance, thus pushing the products to a new level. The newly created seamless splicing acrylic tunnel, high-altitude swimming pool (transparent), and proficient in the splicing of circular and arc-shaped seams, the docking of super-thick plates. In 2017, we have added a super-thick and super-thick line of 150 mm to 800 mm. Through the complete process route, the technical instructions meet the design requirements to meet the needs of owners and designers. The kingsign team is determined to take the customer’s dream as its responsibility and do its best!

    Our product: All kinds of Acrylic sheet, acrylic window, acrylic tunnel, acrylic marine hall, acrylic aquarium, acrylic swimming pool, acrylic fish tank, acrylic semi-finished processing parts, acrylic bonding acrylic glue, curved acrylic sheet

    Our technical ability: Extra thick and large acrylic sheet, original seamless splicing technology, extra thick plate superposition technology.


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